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Okay, I'm fairly bored. I've been trying to find a job; not to much sucess. I had two interviews week before Christmas, the first rounds went well and I was invited to a second round for both. They didn't go so well. The first I went with a girl from the office to a Wal-Mart and she sold kits for Amber Alert. Not a bad thing, but spending all day at a Wal-Mart, not so cool. The second one was door to door sales of entertainment books. Ugg. The second one advertised them as doing promotions for charities, which only a small portion of their sales goes to a charity. So I'm still feeling rather stupid. Neither one even offered to pay for lunch! Maybe my dad has been lying but when a company is "wooing" you and has a lunch as a part of an interview, they pay. We didn't go to a sit down resturant either time, Subway in the Wal-Mart and MacDonalds. So I learned my lesson there. I was excited about these jobs since both said they do promotions for charities. Maybe I should have used my former-creative writing major skills and thought about the different meanings of "promotions". Now I'm bored out of my mind since I haven't found a job yet and being stuck at my parent's place since I don't want to spend the money I do have. *Sigh*
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What Do You Have To Say? - What A Character

There are so many books that I've read, but the two that had the greatest effect on me is Homer Hickam, and Meg Murry.

Even though Homer Hickam is a real person and not technically a literary character, his Coalwood Triliogy has been profound on my outlook on life and the people of Appalacia, a place I went to college at. And incidently enough Emily Sue Buckberry, Homer's friend from childhood is a retired professor at my alma mater.  The way Homer describes about his struggle at math and desire for something better, even though that was unlikely in his circumstances. It was very inspiring.

Meg Murry in A Wrinkle in Time.  I *still* relate to her at 22 as I did at 10. She made it almost okay, that I was so unpopular and miserable growing up, since she was going through it too.  
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Things That I Will Miss About Athens part 2

The continuation of the things I will miss about Athens:

Court Street: Okay, I'm not a drinker, but having that as an option, within walking distance? Even for the funky hippie shop that's near the end of the street by State Street. 

Piano Playing Man: That guy who plays piano over by the old Taco Bell, Woolsworth area during the warm months at night. Need I say more?

What is considered a "riot": The general overreation by Athens PD. Some students set fire to a (single) couch after a game. That is a riot. Nevermind that is considered normal everwhere else in the state.

Rudy's Red Hot: Great hot dogs and brats. Cheep, and they offer lots of toppings.

Hocking River: As polluted and dirty as it was, it was fun to walk along it on the bike path.

Bike Path: Nice place for a walk. If you feel ambitious you can bike (or walk, yikes) the 15 miles to Nelsonville.

Casa: I became a tofu fan because of this place. Really, really good tofu tacos and good drinks. Never did a proper Latin Dance Night. :(  
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I'm a Nerd, Okay?

Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
Your Result: Dr. Elizabeth Weir

A natural born leder, Weir cares about the people around her. As well, she has a love for languages, and is a humanitarian and social activist. Being simmilar in personality to Elizabeth is a good thing. It means that you know your place in the world, and you are a genuinely good person.

Dr. Radek Zelenka
Dr. Carson Beckett
Col. John Sheppard
Teyla Emmagen
Dr. Rodney McKay
Ronan Dex
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Chirstmas Commercials, WTF?

What is the deal with Christmas commercials? I first noticed this before Halloween, one of those Toy-R-Us commercials, now it's Overstock.com, and some car commercial. Come on! It's barely November!! I'm not that old and I remember you'd NEVER see Christmas commercials before Thanksgiving.  Now it's getting a bit ridiculous. It's bad enough with the Presidential election starting way too early, now Christmas? I get the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier. But come on!!!!!   I am already starting to hate this Christmas season, and I love Christmas. I am already over-saturated with the "Christmas Spirit" (totally not the true spirit since these are lame commercials, the real spirit is family, thank-you very much). How much longer until December 26th?
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Things That I Will Miss About Athens part 1

So it's hit me, though not entirely how much I am going to miss Athens once I leave here on the 21st. This place has been and is my home, so I will miss it terribly when I have to move back in with my parents, which is something I'm not looking forward to at all. Some things that I will miss about this crazy college town:

1. The bricks- brick streets, brick sidewalks, brick buildings. One doesn't see this very often in large quantities in most cities. A pain when wet or in heels, but I couldn't picture Athens any other way.

2. The hills- Okay, just being surrounded by them. Walking up them sucks. But the hills surrounding Athens are gorgeous, especially in fall.

3. (General) Safety- I like being able to walk while listening to my iPod and not fearing someone attacking me. 

4. Coffee shops- Not a huge coffee fan, but the coffee places here are cool. Breannen's, Front Room, Donkey, Village Bakery, and Perks all are cool townie places. I know people are gunning for a Starbucks, but I think that would ruin the vibe of A-town.

5. Places open late- I love how I can order a pizza after midnight if I want to on a weekday and after 2AM on weekends. There's not many towns where you can do that. A 24 hour Wal-Mart and Kroger were always good when I wanted to make a run to the store because I didn't want to deal with crowds during Parents weekends.

6. DP Dough- I'm going to miss this place. Only DP Dough in Ohio.  A great Calzone place, lots of cheese, lots of toppings ( stuffings?) and lots of calories. But, oh so yummy. No other place compares, and I've tried calzones from the other major pizza chains and a minor local calzone chain.

7. Relative Temperate Climate in Fall- Yeah, Athens is in Ohio and it gets cold and snows, but not on the level it does north of here. It's usually 10 degrees warmer here than it is in NW Ohio, where I am from. This place is boiling in summer, so it's a bit of a trade-off. 

8. Beads and Things- A cool bead shop run by old hippies. They'll give you free beading lessons and with a place that has thousands of different kinds of beads. 

9. Athens Farmer's Market- Lots of vendors and baked goods. Most things are priced well. Somethings are a bit of a rip-off, but the atmosphere is fantastic. The local guitar players are always a nice addition.

10. The Athena- I love how there's a place that will show artsy films. The Athena used to be the only theater in town and showed (usually) first run movies. When OU bought it a few years ago (Sophomore year?) and The Athena Grand was built in the old Big Bear on East State Street and The Athena started showing art films. I'll miss it since most places won't show these films outside New York, LA and those "big markets".

11. Athens International Film Festival- Occurs every April/early May. Usually only time you'll see most of these films, since most of these movies are really hard to find in the States. I've become something of a German film buff because of this film festival.

More to come later since I'm tired and I don't want to ramble on all night.
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Computers Are Annoying

So I have a project due on Monday and I've been trying to put a video montage together from DVDs to my computer, since bringinnig all of my DVDs to class is not practical. My computer is so not having it. I either get video and no sound or an annoying waring saying file does not exist. What's the deal with that? Seriously. I know I'm going to spend most of the weekend on this, but it shouldn't to be dealing with this stupid computer thing the whole time.
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And Depression Set In

So it's really truly fall now. Damn. It's going to be 36* when I go in to work tomorrow. I had to break out my lighter winter coat. GRRRRR. In the meantime I've been up since 4.30AM EDT and it's now 8.45PM EDT. Not cool. I want to sleep but I have to study for Medical Terminology, which sucks since my bed is looking mighty inviting at the moment. Anyone able to teach the cardiovascular system in ten minutes? No? How about five? Takers?  Anyone?
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Necklaces Breaking Outlets part 2

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So this is what the outlet that blew yesterday looked like after my surge protector failed. There were some bright red sparks so, I suppose I'm lucky that there was no fire. I was able to get maintence to get here this morning to fix it and now things are honkie-dory.
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Necklaces Breaking Outlets

Seriously. You read that right. My klutzdom has been raised to a whole new level. On a little shelf above my desk I keep a small jewerly box because I'm in an small apartment and there's no other place to put it, I was opening the little drawer when one of the necklaces fell behind my desk (speculation starts here) and it fell on my surge protector which wasn't plugged in all the way. This caused some pretty sparks and power to half of my apartment goes out. (fun, fun). I go to unplug said surge protector and low and behold the prongs on the surge protector are black and so is the bottom part of the outlet. How does this happen? Seriously!

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